Securing a warehouse perimeter, for additional security, using welded mesh panels

Our most recent project saw us supplying and installing a security, welded mesh system to the interior of a warehouse, that needed protection after several break ins. The theft's were made by coming through the external wall and straight into the warehouse. Our mesh caging protects the property from the inside, making it much harder for the criminals to enter. The mesh panels not only protect the valuable goods inside but also give a modern, strong look. The customer has also managed to lower his insurance premiums so this mesh cage protection would have paid for itself within a couple of years. We also built a high security cage for the clients most valuable products.This allows the client

The new £1 will it affect your lockers?

March 2017 will see the new 12 sided pound coin hit the streets. With the day-to-day running of a business being extremely time consuming and energy intensive, it’s important that business owners plan ahead. Give us a call on 01483 618336 if you have any concerns with regards to your lockers and which lock would suit your business and current system What are your options? Dual slot coin locks These conversions can be fitted to existing locks and will accept both the new and old one pound coin. Your old locks can simply be converted. Change to CAM locks If a key lock system would suit your lockers then why not change your old pound coin lockers to a more traditional key system. Electronic Loc

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