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Mobile Shelving Vs Static Shelving

This week has seen us travelling to Salisbury to install some mobile bases for a reputed supplier. Thanks to David Gabbey for his help and flying in from Belfast.

These unique systems allow shelving to be moveable thus creating more space for the client.

Shelving for archival storage comes in many shapes, sizes and methods of operation.

We, at Assure Build, can install both static and mobile shelving.


Static shelving is perfect for small business'. It is more cost effective than mobile bases as there are no moving componants so it is less likely to break and suffer wear.

Mobile shelving consists of units mounted onto bases fitted with wheels (sometimes called mobiles orcarriages). The bases run on tracks (rails) secured to the floor. Static shelving units, usually fitted at one or both ends of a group of mobile units, are mounted on plinths (bases) secured directly to the floor.

Mobile shelving enables storage of far more material than static shelving – often more than double the quantity – over a given floor area than static shelving. Because the shelving moves, only one access aisle is needed. When a document is required, the particular row of shelving is located and an adjacent aisle is created by moving the shelving units apart.

Another advantage of mobile shelving is its potential to enhance security – mobile units can be locked to prevent unauthorised access.

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