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Mobile relocation for leading electrical distributor.

Mobile based shelving system relocated to Birmingham from London

Assure Build supplied a used mobile system to a leading electrical distribution company. From the dismantling to the reinstating, the whole process was a success.

Mobile shelving and roller racking systems are expensive pieces of storage equipment and may seem a mine field when it comes to moving them if you are relocating your office.

We, at Assure Build can make this move a pain free experience, due to our expertise in office storage relocations. Our SEIRS accredited and fully insured engineers will break down your mobile shelving and reinstall it at your new office location at a fraction of the cost of buying replacement office shelving equipment.

The process begins with removing the shelving units and preparing them for transportation. Depending on your system, they could be transported as a whole unit or broken down, wrapped for protection and palleted.

The most complex part of this relocation is making sure that the floor tracks are removed carefully and marked, for ease of reinstating them at your new premises.

Please call us for a no obligation FREE site visit to discuss your office relocation.

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