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The new £1 will it affect your lockers?

New £1 coin changes

March 2017 will see the new 12 sided pound coin hit the streets.

With the day-to-day running of a business being extremely time consuming and energy intensive, it’s important that business owners plan ahead. Give us a call on 01483 618336 if you have any concerns with regards to your lockers and which lock would suit your business and current system

What are your options?

Locker lock changes

Dual slot coin locks

These conversions can be fitted to existing locks and will accept both the new and old one pound coin. Your old locks can simply be converted.

locker pound coin changes

Change to CAM locks

If a key lock system would suit your lockers then why not change your old pound coin lockers to a more traditional key system.

electronic lock changes

Electronic Locker Locks

Combination locks look modern and do away with the issues that may come with lost keys, tokens and future currency changes. If you are changing your current £1 coin system then why not consider these convenient locks?

locker tokens


Another option is buying tokens that replicate the old pound coin. This is an option that will keep the cost down and can be branded with your business logo or locker numbers

Whatever you decide, or if you would like a site visit to discuss, please get in touch and we will be happy to help 01483 618336

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