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"The Big Drive-in Pallet Racking Dismantle"

So the last 6 days has seen us dismantling 600+ bays of 8 metre drive-in racking. The site is situated next to a disused coal mine so it has been a bit dirty, to say the least.

Drive-in pallet racking is slightly more complex due to its vast array of components and fixings. This pallet racking could of taken a lot longer if it was being salvaged but this lot is being sent to scrap.

The team have done an amazing job and with only 8 more days to go they have smashed it!!

If you ever need your pallet racking dismantled, transported and re-instated then please keep us in mind. These men are not afraid of hard work and will always do it with a smile, regardless of conditions #proud #pallet racking #dismantle

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