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Storage walls made from security mesh partitions have many advantages. Property owners in the world's major cities and small towns choose Troax mesh panels for their tenants' storage spaces, providing good light and ventilation and excellent protection against fire, damage and break in.

You can choose between several Troax systems with different levels of protection. Combined with a wide range of different locks and doors, we'll create a property protection solution perfectly suited to the storage in your property.

Troax Safe is our most secure mesh system, with uniquely strong security mesh partitions that are extremely hard to force. This system is certified to meet the Swedish Theft Prevention Association's standard for break in-proof fittings for storage spaces and is designed for areas that are particularly vulnerable.

The Troax Medium and Troax Classic welded mesh systems are other options for protecting property against uninvited guests. Combine these with our partition system Caelum to build a versatile property protection system that provides security to tenants in cellars and garages or even attic spaces with sloping roofs.

If you are building or renovating a property, you may need a completely enclosed storage space for such things as tools and building materials. The choice then is Troax Box with a roof, which can be used both indoors and out as either a permanent or a temporary solution.

If you have vacant premises, you can build storage spaces for rent with solid front panels and our specially designed sheet metal sliding doors.

And if you also have the need, in some other context, for a system with protection from public view, choose our UR SP sheet metal panels that can easily be combined with our security mesh panels.

We have extensive experience of protecting people and property using mesh panels. We are happy to guide you through the creation of a storage space suited to the property and your security needs. Contact us and we'll design and cost your storage space.

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