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Mesh Security Cages

This installation was carried out for a client who wanted to protect a certain area, within the warehouse, so they could keep a record of personnel that had entered and also secure items of value.

Contents are fully visable at all times, are ventilated and visable.

The mesh security cages are ideal for stock overflow and can be custom made to fit large or small areas including under stairways.

Correct Installation of these security cages is as important as the cage itself. A poorly fitted mesh cage may allow access thus preventing the cage doing the job it is employed to do. Assure Build can install the cages so they are inaccessible to uninvited guests!

Mesh cages can be used for a variety of purposes.

They can be used inside or out.

Ideal for storing outside gas bottles that would otherwise be open to theft.

We have installed, for many clients, within an office environment, protection for their computer servers and data handling areas.

This example is of a mesh cage being used to store tools in a public place.

These secure cages allow access to authorised personnel only, saving time and money by enabling staff to access the tools from the place where they are used. It also helps keep track of the equipment being used as you will know exactly who has had access to the tools.

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