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2023 Pallet Racking - Here we come

First one done and signed off for 2023! Three other larger projects well underway and going to plan.

Well done Antony Lane, Sean, Rhys and Alex Riley. This one had its challenges but all done and dusted and on to the next one.

The diary is looking great and that is due to our fantastic teams that work safely and correctly, delivering on time and with positive energy.

All our teams are SEIRS trained (several booked for this month on the new Diploma, but thats a different story!) and we are probably the largest, independent, company in the UK to really invest in our staff.

All PAYE with paid holidays, pensions and all the other perks that come with a full time contract. There are very few of us out there that really value our teams and invest in their, and our, futures. We do not use people on a sub contractor basis to avoid holiday and sick pay, we believe people need security and regularity. That's why we invest and don't pick up and drop people and use them for cheap labour. This allows us to train thoroughly and produce some of the best fitters in the country. My role is to keep the work coming in, get my staff paid every month...but to be fair, they are all just smashing it that the proof is in the pudding!

The work is flying in and that is because the way each and every one represent us on site and with their workmanship.

I love our guys and my job!

Here we come 2023!!!


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