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A busy few weeks in the Pallet Racking world!

Another busy few weeks for us in the Assure Build team.

We have been all around the UK this last couple of weeks. Drive-in in Wales, Pallet Racking in Sunderland, Longspan in Leeds, Pick Towers in Bordon, Hampshire, Cages in Cambridge, Cantilever in London.....and a few more inbetween.

It's a shame we can't collect motorway miles or we could all have a week in the Caribbean, wouldn't that be lovely!

As always we have worked relentlessly as a team and this week has been a good one. Sign off's coming through thick and fast, for a multitude of projects ALL 'very satisfied' from our customers!

Way to go Assure Build!!

Fully insured, trained in all aspects, certified installers that deliver safely, on time and on budget. SEIRS Installers on the ready to give you more space in your warehouse!


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